1989 – 2021
31 years

High-end real estate
in the heart of Paris

A true believer that real estate is an investment unlike any other, a choice grounded in dreams and that serves as a cornerstone for personal fulfillment, Nathalie Naccache has instilled in her teams her own passion for the business, her fondness for these sought-after neighborhoods of the French capital and her firm belief that any professional commitment must focus first and foremost on people, be they clients, employees or partners, in a relationship of a trust and of sharing.


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KW Fortis Immo

3 passage du Grand Cerf
75002 PARIS

01 80 70 20 20

KW Fortis Immo

18 rue Molière
75001 PARIS

01 40 20 93 95

KW Luxury Fortis Immo

60 boulevard
de Sébastopol
75003 PARIS

01 44 54 50 00

Fortis Immo PARIS

64 boulevard
de Sébastopol
75003 PARIS

01 44 54 12 00

KW Commercial Fortis Immo

44 rue Poissonnière
75002 PARIS

01 44 88 68 68

KW Fortis Immo

9 rue de Paradis
75010 PARIS

01 86 90 86 86

Strong roots in historic
downtown Paris

Each agency knows the history and the specific characteristics of these neighborhoods down to the smallest details. Most of the living spaces have undergone high-quality renovations to meet the demands of today’s trends and lifestyles, and yet their authenticity remains intact.


Furthermore, the architecture on display in the area is a priceless asset for the owners and occupants of these exceptional properties. Heirs to a vocation and a tradition of expertise, the men and women of Fortis Immo Group embrace the full scope of their mission: to convey these properties with due regard for the interests of all parties. This golden rule calls for accessibility, integrity, attention and respect.



A people-centric vision
of the profession

Fortis Immo Group’s consistent growth, even during market downturns, is no coincidence. It reflects a vision of the profession centered around human relationships, with personal satisfaction and fulfillment as the cornerstones of success. This philosophy is expressed both in business relationships and through the managerial practices of Nathalie Naccache.


This commitment stands out as a source of great satisfaction for all clients: buyers, sellers, lessors and tenants. In its quest for excellence, the focuses on providing agents with training and coaching, as well as client-centric marketing and technology. In the end, one unshakable belief drives the Group: to carry out a purchase or a sale in the best possible conditions, there is no substitute for the savoir-faire of a real estate professional.

A leading player
in the high-end real estate market

The Parisian real estate market has long been in the hands of international networks that extend well beyond French borders. Having recognized this development very early on, Fortis Immo Group has always sought out the best alliances to ensure broad visibility among the top international real estate players and investors.


Over its 31 years of activity and thanks to the trust of its customers, Fortis Immo Group has proven its stature and imprinted its name on the Paris premium real estate market. While holding its own against traditional market players, the Group has managed to preserve not only its expertise, but its founding values: integrity, transparency and humanity watever the stakes.

Trust and confidence





Dedicated service to high customers

Fortis Immo Group is active on all market segments in its traditional downtown Paris. Each agency offers a highly diverse range of properties that reflects its comprehensive vision of the market, and each offering is presented by a dedicated agent.


We are committed to highlighting the properties entrusted to us, assessing their strengths in a spirit of complete transparency to reach a fair price that takes full account of your timeline and budget. Fortis Immo Group uses innovative software tools to guarantee an accurate appraisal of real estate assets based on all of these factors. We strive to ensure the best possible conditions for the sale of your property.


This expertise, complemented by consummate people skills, form the core of our business and our professional practices. Our vision of the seller-buyer relationship, our negotiating experience and a commitment to discretion have led to rewarding encounters. They have written the history of Fortis Immo Group over the past three decades, forging bonds of friendship with longstanding clients who have regularly renewed their trust in us.



Bringing intelligence
to your real estate capital

Creating or enhancing a property portfolio requires a thorough knowledge of the legislation and its developments.


Every situation is unique. That’s why Fortis Immo Group is committed to designing customized financial and portfolio solutions to optimize the real estate assets of all investors, be they public or private. Wealth auditing, valuation, donation, transfer, direct and indirect taxation, protection of relatives, optimization of risk-to-return and debt-to-revenue ratios, etc. These topics all call for independent, expert insight to guarantee an effective wealth management strategy that provides lifelong security.


Over more than 31 years, Fortis Immo Group has earned the loyalty of several hundred property owners through a team of nine employees. Their mission: to create value and achieve optimal returns on property assets.

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